Family Owned & Operated

We’re a family owned business and we all work together in it, including the kids after school. To us, it’s the little things that matter, such as top-quality products and great customer service. It’s about helping people to maintain dignity who require our waterproof and continence products. Our team are customer focused and talented.  While they’re not blood relatives, we consider them a part of our family too.


Ethical Employer

We have a wonderful long-term relationship with our Chinese Brolly Sheet manufacturing team. Upon realising we needed to outsource our Brolly Sheet manufacturing, we travelled to China to meet James and his family. James owns a small factory and mostly employees only his family members. It has a strict no child labour policy and James ensures all his staff are paid a good wage. His factory is well ventilated and maintains high ethical standards in everything it does.


Value For Money

Independently You works hard to ensure you get great quality products for your money.  We happily take feedback and suggestions regarding price and product.


We Offer A 12 Month Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us. Independently You is so confident of the quality of our products we offer a 12 month guarantee on most products.


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Thanks for stopping by to get to know us a little.