We Love Brolly Sheets and Here’s Why You Will Too:

Family Owned & Operated

As a family owned and operated business in New Zealand, it’s the little details which matter. Perfectionists by nature, we strive to not only provide you with the world’s best waterproof bed pad, but also with the best customer service. After all, when you use Brolly Sheets, you’re a part of our family and families look after each other.

Ethical Manufacturer

We have a wonderful long-term relationship with our Chinese manufacturing team. Upon realising we needed to outsource our Brolly Sheet manufacturing, we travelled to China to meet James and his family. James owns a small factory and mostly employees only his family members. It has a strict no child labour policy and James ensures all his staff are paid a good wage. His factory is well ventilated and maintains high ethical standards in everything it does. Diane regularly travels up to China to meet with James to ensure we keep the same high standards of quality and ethical manufacturing.

100% Cotton & Sustainable

Why sleep on polyester when you can sleep on a 100% cotton surface. Soft, comfy and breathable our Brolly Sheets also make for a more comfortable sleep for those with eczema and dust allergies. Our products are made to last as we are committed to washable, reusable products to reduce landfill.

Great Range of Colours & Designs

Crisp and clean, patterned and funky, the choice is yours! We offer our customers a range of classic and modern covers with our waterproof Brolly Sheets. There’s a colour and design for everyone and every décor! Are you a plain or a patterned Brolly Sheet lover? Plus – a huge range of bed sizes. One size never fits all and we know that. Our Brolly Sheets are made to fit multiple bed sizes, from baby cots through to king sized beds. You’ll find the soft cotton pad fits comfortably over the mattress, while the perfectly sized wings are just the right length to tuck in under the mattress. How could you want anything else?

Soft & Quiet Waterproof Technology

No one likes crunchy, crinkly bedding! Our Brolly Sheets are whisper quiet to lie upon. Made with the latest waterproof technology, each Brolly Sheet has three distinct layers: a soft 100% cotton top, a highly absorbent inner and a waterproof back. There’s no way that wee is reaching your bedding and mattress!