Give a kid a blanket



Give a kid a blanket is a Community Activated Art Action conceived and lead by artists Donna Turtle Sarten & Bernie Harfleet

Every winter the 'Give a Kid a Blanket' project runs a campaign from 1 June to 21 July. 

* Starting in 2015 with 26 drop off points across Auckland and Tauranga the charity gave out 1273 blankets

* In 2016 they had 48 drop off points and gave out 2789 blankets

* In 2017, 8500 blankets were given out,

* and in 2018 a massive 17500 blankets were given to those in need.

Here's how it works:

People give their pre-loved or new (clean) blankets then the blankets are handed out to kids and people in need.  It isn’t just limited to blankets, the charity also collects duvet inners and donated Brolly Sheets, as long as they're clean.  

People often ask for Brolly Sheets so we've decided to come on board this year.   We are helping in two ways:

  • Providing a collection point for people to drop off old / new blankets, duvet inners and Brolly Sheets.
  • By donating new Brolly Sheets.  
There are 2 Brolly Sheet drop off locations:
  • The Brolly Sheets office at 6 Devon Lane, Devonport between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Please note – we do have stairs.  
  • 48 Vauxhall Road, Devonport (after hours) there's a tub on the front steps.
More drop off locations can be found on the Charity Facebook Page 
In addition, this year a Give a Little page has been set up where people can support the cost of running the charity.
Or you can email Bernie Harfleet & Donna Turtle Sarten