As we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, it's the perfect time to recognize the amazing contributions of individuals with Down Syndrome, including the talented Libby.

Living with Down Syndrome has never held Libby back from pursuing her dreams and showcasing her talents in the entertainment industry.

On this World Down Syndrome Day, let's celebrate the incredible achievements and talents of individuals with Down Syndrome, like Libby, and continue to work towards a more inclusive society where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

24 hours in my world- what does this look like? Well, the morning looks the same as anyone else- I obviously get up- good start! I make my bed, but sometimes I forget, which makes my grandmother, who I live with, a bit mad! 

I often forget to do certain tasks. The cognitive part is a bit different in my world. So I may have to get someone who I live with to repeat a task out loud, like emptying the dishwasher, cleaning my room or doing my laundry. But as for hygiene, like having a shower, I’m good at that for the most part, but again, I may forget to brush my teeth!

I love doing my make-up and I like to have a good morning routine- making my bed, eating breakfast and having a coffee. I try to keep up my religious routine, praying and reading. My evening routine looks like pyjamas, brushing my teeth (if I remember) and taking off my makeup.

Then during the daytime, at the moment, I like to go out for coffee or lunch or to a shop with my grandma. I love fashion, shopping, book-hunting and self-expression. I live in Whanganui and yesterday we drove down to Wellington- these trips are nice. My favourite thing about living in Whanganui is all the food- Mexican, Japanese and Vietnamese. I love to eat food with my friends, talk, go to the arcade in Whanganui and watch movies, talk some more, eat some more… 

I’m sending my CV around at the moment. I am interested in becoming a server part-time, while I continue my modelling work.

Libby talking to herself in the mirror

One of my highlights this past year has been reconnecting with high school friends. I have a big online presence, on Facebook and Instagram. Building my social media has allowed me to reconnect with friends and get involved in modelling stuff with All is for All.

Last year, another highlight was being a judge for the IHC Art Awards. I love the performing arts. I also got to be on What Now- talking about Poppy, a film I was in. My childhood dream of getting gunged came true! I have a pretty special life, acting and doing creative things.

My mental health has challenges. I try to look after it with my routines… but I just keep forgetting!

The most important thing to think about when being around people with Down syndrome is just to help however possible- like with me, helping with my forgetfulness and organisation! Of course, I will celebrate World Down Syndrome Day this year- I will celebrate by maybe going out for lunch or going shopping. 

I finished school three years ago at Whanganui Girls College. During high school, I loved doing some acting- and I still get to do some now!

I value helping with healthcare and employment for disabled people, but these things are just as important when it comes to humans in general. We need health to survive. Everyone deserves a right to that, especially those who are intellectually disabled. I get frustrated by the treatment of staff with disabilities. I strongly believe everyone has the right to and deserves a job. We need to talk about this more.

- Libby Hunsdale

Meet Libby, a multi-talented performer, content creator, and brand ambassador who is making waves in the entertainment industry. Her career began as a model and actor, where she quickly gained recognition for her groundbreaking role as the lead actor in a feature film ' Poppy '  the film tells the story of a young woman with Down syndrome who wants to be able to have the same opportunities as others. Her amazing spirit and work ethic have made her a trailblazer in the industry, inspiring many to follow in her footsteps.

Libby's talent and unique perspective have caught the attention of many in the fashion industry, leading her to be featured in notable publications such as Viva and participating in photoshoots with renowned brands like RUBY. Additionally, she has become an ambassador for Project Employ, using her platform to advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

As a rising star, Libby has expanded her reach as an influencer, inspiring many through her content and collaborations with various brands. With her exceptional talent and dedication to making a positive impact, there's no doubt that she'll continue to soar to new heights in her career. Keep an eye out for this remarkable talent!

This article was written with interviewing assistance from All is for All